Sunday, December 21, 2008

Gas Run

With the price of crude hovering round record lows, that sent a clear signal to us to buy. With Bullwinkle's 75-gallon fuel tank sitting at just below one-fourth, we knew what to do. Fill 'er up!

With threatening skies looming in the not-so-distance, we headed out to see the moose fairly early this morning. We loaded up fresh linens and other supplies we needed to drop off before our next outing. Then, we headed out for a little road trip with one mission in mind: Get gas!

Once behind the wheel, a light rain began to fall. We headed out on the highway and were happy as clams - ready for a road trip. We settled for something a wee bit less: a 20-mile drive to an RV-friendly gas station where we filled up for $1.71 a gallon. That was accomplished with a mere 100 bucks!

Thinking back to this summer when we bought the moose (see the peak of the chart above), who would've thought we'd be filling up for way under two bucks a gallon?

Merry Christmas!