Sunday, February 27, 2011

Crafty in Kerrville

We're so pleased to report that Spring has arrived in Kerrville. Finally! It's sunny and headed toward 80 degrees today. All of us, including the cats, are feeling much better.

The recent cold spell did provide a welcome opportunity to catch up on some craft work. It's been awhile since we mentioned any quilt store visits. But, we've made some. And, I'm pleased to report all of the fabric we have has been set in blocks for our someday fulltiming quilt. From top left in the photo above are South Dakota, Iowa, New York, Wisconsin, Oklahoma and Michigan.

I'm making two blocks for every state. And, someday, they'll all come together something like this. With 26 states "blocked", we're about halfway to having all the fabrics that will go into to this very scrappy quilt. It'll be awhile before this creation is complete!

I have managed to start and finish one project during our stay here in Kerrville. While visiting Bandera with Paul's sister and brother-in-law, I was inspired to pick up a pattern for this "Tattered Texas Flag" quilt. Later I picked up the fabrics at Creations, one of my favorite quilt shops anywhere...right here in Kerrville. This is my first-ever rag quilt, which was quite a learning experience. After sewing everything together and making a million clips along the seams, here's the quilt ready for the essential last step: a wash and dry.

See what happens after it's washed and dried? It gets really raggedy!

I appliqued that star all by myself! My quilting friends know: I don't do applique!

We're embracing our "inner Texan" and placed this new creation prominently in our rolling home. It's colorful and cozy. Most importantly, it's done!

Thursday, February 3, 2011


The weather has been particularly wintry across the country this week. And, Brrrville - er, Kerrville - is no exception. And at least one of our kitties is none to pleased about it. If this guy could talk we think he would be saying "More heat. Now!"

We’ve been spared snow and ice, thankfully. But, Mother Nature has served up some mighty frigid temps. We’ve been below freezing since Tuesday afternoon. And, the overnight lows have been in the mid-teens.

Thankfully, we have plenty of propane. (And, more is just a phone call away.) So, we’re staying comfy inside the moose. We’ve made good use of the downtime - reading, quilting and finally updating our blog. (Check out the new posts of visits to Bandera, Luckenbach and the LBJ Ranch.)

We're expecting dear friends, propane and sunshine tomorrow. We should have more to report as the temperatures rise.