Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wellington, KS

With a foot of snow on the ground, temperatures in the single digits, and a forecast for more snow and colder temps, we decided it was time to head South. We enjoyed our five weeks in Kansas City very much. It was great seeing family and friends. But, all of that cold and snow took its toll on us and the moose. It was time to roll. (Can you blame us?)

We looked for a weather window opportunity to leave, and found one. Yesterday morning looked like the last decent day to travel for awhile. It took some time to get all of that ice and snow off our our slide toppers and getting the bikes loaded on the moose once again. And, we did all that walking around in a foot of snow in far below freezing temperatures. We didn't even want to think about the wind chill!

Our first stop was Olathe Ford RV Center in Gardner. There they checked out our water pump and generator, aired the tires and filled the moose with propane. Our visit there was short and sweet. By 1:30, we were on I-35 heading south. Thankfully the roads were clear and dry. Our trip down the very familiar Kansas Turnpike was uneventful. Just the way we like it!

Our late start, and a batch of bad weather heading into Kansas from the south, made Wellington, KS the perfect place to stop for the night. We chose the Wellington KOA, a nice little park that's just a mile off the turnpike. We decided to stay two nights to let a band of expected snow come and go.

Last night's snow was a mere dusting. Now, that we can handle! Temperatures are running about 11 degrees warmer here than in Kansas City.

Tomorrow we head for Texas. But, tonight we'll enjoy two-digit temperatures for a change. That'll be great.