Thursday, February 3, 2011


The weather has been particularly wintry across the country this week. And, Brrrville - er, Kerrville - is no exception. And at least one of our kitties is none to pleased about it. If this guy could talk we think he would be saying "More heat. Now!"

We’ve been spared snow and ice, thankfully. But, Mother Nature has served up some mighty frigid temps. We’ve been below freezing since Tuesday afternoon. And, the overnight lows have been in the mid-teens.

Thankfully, we have plenty of propane. (And, more is just a phone call away.) So, we’re staying comfy inside the moose. We’ve made good use of the downtime - reading, quilting and finally updating our blog. (Check out the new posts of visits to Bandera, Luckenbach and the LBJ Ranch.)

We're expecting dear friends, propane and sunshine tomorrow. We should have more to report as the temperatures rise.


Connie and Rod said...

I hear ya about his wintry weather. As far down as Galveston Island where we are in Texas, we're covered in a sheet of ice this morning. The power has been going on and off all night too. Our offices shut down yesterday afternoon and will be closed today, kids are out of school, accidents everywhere. A good day to stay put for us.

Stay warm.

Eric said...

it has been cold here to. good to hear from you guys. we are with sherry and sharon and they saw "hi"

Jim and Sandie said...

So good to hear from you guys again. I am so ready for warm weather.

Sue and Doug said...

try and stay the kitty perfect!

Sue and Doug said...

sorry that should say...purrrfect!!

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Looks like he knows just what ya need to do when it gets cold outside. Smart cat! LOL

Stay warm----

Karen and Steve
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Jesse, Ginger, Bayer, Buddy, and Mr. B said...

I did not plan on driving thru town either but I had the gps set to avoid tolls and before I knew it we were on 19th St. for 6 miles. As for the campground, we got a full hook up at the end of the row so it is a large pull thru.