Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Two Sides of Highway 1

Our Labor Day weekend camping in Fort Bragg actually spanned both sides of Highway 1. We spent three nights with our friends in a group site (which we think is actually the play area) at Woodside RV Park and Campground on the west side of Highway 1, just south of Ft. Bragg. From here, a look at the beach was just a bike ride and short stroll away. And, we were able to assemble our rigs in close proximity to each other and a campfire that kept us sharing stories and food and staying warm all weekend.

Honestly, other than that great impromptu group site, this campground was basically a dump. If you know Mendocino County, you'll understand. About three-quarters of the place was filled with "permanent" residents in "rigs" of various states of disrepair. Basically, there were a half dozen or so pull-throughs with Labor Day weekend campers and us in the play area. The rest of the folks lived there.

The place where we keep Bullwinkle is closed on major holidays, including Labor Day. So, our plans were to head home on Tuesday. With the rest of our group heading out on Labor Day, we made other plans. On Sunday, we had peddled across Highway 1 to Pomo RV Park and Campground. We liked what we saw. While it didn't offer the ambience of camping with our abalone diving friends, it did offer spacious full hookup sites with lots of privacy...and no permanent residents. It was nice. And, they had plenty of space for Monday night.

As Monday morning turned to afternoon, our friends headed out. With best wishes for safe travels and treasured memories of a fun weekend with friends, we packed up and got ready to move.

With our shortest ever commute from one campground to another (about 1/4 mile), we crossed Highway 1 into the pristine comfort of Pomo. The woman at registration graciously allowed us to check in early at Site #5, which featured a level pad, full hookups, tons of shade and an expansive view of a grassy meadow.

Two campgrounds that were decidedly different. One dumpy place offered a delightful place to hang out with friends for a few days. Great fun! Another offered a cozy place for us to spend a night alone with all the camping comforts we enjoy.

We loved it!

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