Sunday, October 12, 2008

Traveling with Cats

All four of us are home once again. The furry RVing "newbies" have both found sunny spots to take a well-deserved rest after their maiden voyage. We are absolutely delighted with how they fared. Despite the hide-n-seek incident on Friday night, the weekend went very smoothly.

We learned that our cats like being in a camped motorhome much more than they like riding in one that's rolling down the road. En route, they were confined to their carriers. Though they were safe and comfortable, they weren't all that happy. One of them made his feelings quite clear...and quite vocal. (Thankfully, our travel time was short.)

By this morning, our feline friends had actually adapted quite nicely. Our girl kitty hopped out of bed this morning and headed straight for her favorite spot...the front window. From there she could keep an eye on everything -- campers, dogs, falling leaves. So much to see. She makes a nice dashboard cat, don't you think?

While it took our boy kitty longer to get comfy, he managed to make up for lost time. While his sister was peering out the front window this morning, he was the last to get out of bed. Though we needed to get busy getting packed up to go, we had an extra cup of coffee and let him sleep. How could you disturb this?

The Stockton Delta KOA delighted us, too. In our search for a "home campground" within an hour or so from our house, we think we've found it. For a quick weekend place to get away for a night or two, this might just be the place. We'll definitely be back.

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