Saturday, February 28, 2009

Flag City

This weekend we'll tell you about what we did last weekend! We were out of the office early on Thursday afternoon and headed out for a short drive toward Lodi and our destination - The Flag City RV Resort. For most people, Flag City is the kind of place that's perfect for an overnight stop along I-5. For us, it was the place to meet up with our Winnebago friends, The Chardonnay Travelers. About 20 rigs showed up for this rally - There were Winnies everywhere! There's Bullwinkle in the front row.

Here's a closer look at our site at Flag City. Is that Rocky, our trusty toad, sharing the site with Bullwinkle? No! Rocky spent the weekend, and most of this week, in the shop. So, M followed P to Flag City in the beemer. It wasn't as much fun, but it was a lot more comfortable! We're so spoiled now, we just can't leave home without another set of wheels.

We enjoyed great company and good food all weekend. It was nice to catch up with the travelers we hadn't seen since Santa Nella or Oroville, and meet members we had yet to meet. The weather cooperated for most of the weekend. Saturday night the winds kicked up and the rains poured once again. Sunday we packed up in the wind and rain and carefully caravaned home.

With back-to-back soggy weekends, we're looking forward to an outing with warm temps, clear skies and calm winds!

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