Thursday, May 7, 2009

For Doug, Gordon and Dana

This post is for Doug. He's a regular follower of our blog, and he says we tend to leave readers hanging. We take you places, then never let you know we made it home. Well, Doug, we're home. Thought you'd like to know! 

This post is also for Gordon, our RVing "godfadda". He's accused us of only showing photos with P. So, this shot of both of us enjoying our last sunset at Pismo Beach is for you!

This post is also for Dana. We thought of him and his lovely wife many times this week. We were in their part of the country. And, a beautiful part of the country it is! Dana caught up with our blog and sent us a very helpful email with things to do in Pismo and surrounding areas. Unfortunately, we were on our way home in bumper to bumper traffic in San Jose when he sent it. But, thanks so much for thinking of us! 

We're home safe with lot of things to keep us busy for awhile. But, watch this space. We'll be on the road again soon.

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Craig said...

Paul and Mary,

Craig Lyall here. I realized I didn't have your telephone number. Can you give us a call when you get a chance? Or dash off an email: Thanks!