Saturday, February 13, 2010

Rockport, TX

During our stay in Port Aransas we made several ferry trips across the water, through Aransas Pass to Rockport. We say “through” Aransas Pass because, basically, there’s nothing to do there. But, about 10 miles north the town of Rockport has a bit more to offer.

Ask around for recommendations for a place to eat in these parts and chances are you’ll hear about four places: Alice Faye’s On The Bay, The Big Fisherman, China-A or Charlotte Plummers. We didn’t make it to Charlotte’s, but did dine at the other three. That’s Alice’s place above. We dropped in one afternoon after checking out a few of Rockport’s gazillion RV parks. Alice offered up great water views, a tasty po’boy sandwich and sweet potato fries that were sweet, indeed.

Fans of The Big Fisherman fall into two camps: those who think Tuesday is the only day to go there; or those who dine there any day but Tuesday. We got a taste of both camps when we met fellow travelers Doug and JoAnn there for lunch on a Friday. They described how they quite accidently paid their first visit to the place on Tuesday, and discovered how residents and visitors to the Coastal Bend flock for the Tuesday $1.95 all-you-can-eat lunch special. What a mob scene! We were all happy to enjoy our $5.95 single plate special on a very calm Friday. Everything was fried. So, of course, it was tasty.

Typically, we don’t do buffets. But, we made an exception and joined a group of Port Aransas friends for a trip to China-A Buffet. Acres of steam tables were home to everything from kung-po chicken to lasagna to sushi. There are three reasons we don’t do buffets: First, all of that stuff doesn’t hold up long on a steam table. Two, call me a germophobe, but I don’t like the idea of touching the same 20 serving spoons that 200 of my fellow dinners have had their grimy hands on. Finally, when you spread all that food out in front of us we just have to have a taste of everything. As a result, we tend to eat way too much! China-A filled the bill on all points. But, we had a fun night with our friends.

Our best dining experience in Rockport, hands down, was at the home of new friends Steve and Debbie. This evening they hosted a pig roast on a night that was perfect for eating tasty pork and sides under the stars by a campfire. What a treat.

Another visit to Rockport included a stop at the Piecemakers By The Bay quilt show at Rockport-Fulton High School. Among the 50 or so quilts on display, this was one of our favorites. It’s called “Everchanging” and is cut from just one piece of fabric with amazing results. The show was big enough to provide welcome inspiration for more projects to put my growing fabric stash to work, and small enough to do in about an hour. That was perfect for us both.

That, in a nut shell, is Rockport. If you like to hang out in an RV park, eat or catch the occasional quilt show, this place is for you.


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