Monday, October 4, 2010

Two Sides of the Smokies

When we booked our stay here in Townsend, one of the things that attracted us to this area was that it billed itself as "the peaceful side" of the Smokies. And, it is! Over the weekend, we decided to venture over to "the other side" and explore the towns of Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge and Sevierville. We took advantage of a gorgeous Saturday and took Rocky for a "topless" drive.

Any visions of we had of Gatlinburg being a quaint little town were dashed as we pulled into this very touristy - and crowded - town. We didn't even stop.

And, this is what greeted us in Pigeon Forge! We had heard this place was crowded, but we couldn't believe the traffic. This is definitely the crazy side!

Do not adjust your screen. This is just one of the zillions of tourist attractions along the strip in Pigeon Forge.

And, did you know the Titanic hit the iceberg right here in Pigeon Forge? Apparently this young couple was compelled to document that fact.

But, wait. There's more! With places like Magic Beyond Belief, this side of the Smokies reminded us of Branson, but on steroids.

The only stop we made was the Walmart in Sevierville. (That's pronounced Se-VEER-vul.) While we were shopping I thought I saw a bride and groom, but told myself I had imagined it. As we made our way out to the Jeep we saw them ahead of us. I had to snap a picture. We've been in a bunch of Walmarts, but that's a first! What a way to start your married life: Stopping by the Walmart on the way home from the wedding.

This is the kind of stuff you see on this side of the Smokies!

We ventured back to Pigeon Forge yesterday to enjoy a tasty brunch with our friends Craig and Anne. We met them in Niagara Falls, caught up with them in Gaffney and finally had a chance to enjoy a meal together here in Tennessee. That was, without a doubt, the best part of our visit to the other side.

Back at our quiet campsite, we're ready to kick back and enjoy our last couple of days on the peaceful side of the Smokies.

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