Sunday, September 25, 2011


One of the reasons we've stopped at Clinton Lake for a few days is to explore one of our absolutely favorite towns: nearby Lawrence. Our first stop, shortly after our arrival, was the local Walmart for provisions. We chuckled when we wheeled our cart down this aisle. If you don't know what Lawrence is home to, this is a big hint.

On this absolutely glorious Sunday afternoon, we enjoyed a leisurely stroll across our favorite university campus, which just so happens to be in this favorite town of ours. The University of Kansas Campanile and Carillon is the most familiar landmark on campus. Since its construction in 1950, new graduates have started their commencement by walking through the campanile and down Mt. Oread to the football stadium. Although it's been decades since we made our graduation walk, it's always a treat to visit this stately tower.

The Chi Omega fountain is another university landmark, which is located at one entrance to the main campus. For more than 50 years, it's been KU tradition for students to take a dip in the fountain. (Maybe we did. Maybe we didn't.)

Our stroll down Jayhawk Boulevard, which runs through the middle of the main campus, brought back many collegiate memories for us both. Things were pretty quiet around here today. But, it was all beautiful.

Fraser Hall stands far above the center of campus with its twin flags flying. This landmark can be seen for miles outside Lawrence. Even though it was a zillion years ago, I can still remember spotting Fraser on the drive when my family brought me to KU to start my Freshman year.

The University of Kansas is home to the Jayhawk, a mythical bird with an interesting history. There are several of these icons along the campus road that bears its name. This statuesque Jayhawk stands in front of Strong Hall.

This colorful Jayhawk welcoming visitors to the Union looks more like the Jayhawk we know and love.

As graduates of the William Allen White School of Journalism, we've both spent many hours in this building. Many years ago, within these native limestone walls, I honed my blogging skills!

This gothic style building is Watson, the largest library on campus. One of us spent lots of time in this building during our years at KU. The other stepped inside just a handful of times. (You be the judge.)

One of my favorite buildings on campus is Spooner Hall, which is also one of the oldest. The inscription over the portico provides inspiring words for students (and long ago graduates).

Danforth Chapel is a beautiful and peaceful spot on campus. Many students, including the one of us who didn't spend much time in the library (and is the principal author of this blog), have been known to stop inside for a moment on the way to a final exam.

We continued our long walk down memory lane with a quick trip to downtown Lawrence. As we traveled the center of downtown along Massachusetts Street, we recalled the location of restaurants and nightspots we frequented when we were students. Surprisingly, a couple of places are still thriving today.

We're so enjoying this visit to our old college town. It's nice to be back. We're biased, of course. But, if you're passing through Kansas, Lawrence is a "must stop".

You'll be glad you did.


cathie said...

Our oldest son graduated from KU and his FIL played football there and is a home town boy still living there. Many happy memories in Lawrence. Including the SandBar!

~~Sue B~~ said...

you got some lovely photos on your trip down memory lane!..the chapel is charming!!!