Sunday, December 11, 2011


When we told friends and family we were heading to Argyle, many brought this image to mind.

No, we weren't off to the land of diamond-like knits! Argyle is a lovely suburb in the northwest corner of the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex!

Our home for the last four nights has been Paradise RV Park. It's just behind the liquor store and gas station and a football pass off of busy I-35W. Paradise it isn't. But, the reason we're here is we are just five minutes away from the folks we came to see.

Tracy and Mary are dear friends and long ago neighbors who we hadn't seen in way too many years. It was been a real treat to catch up. They've kept us well fed and (too) well watered. We've had a whole lot of fun!

We also caught up with our traveling friends Cathy and Steve, whom we last saw in Kansas City. They are staying in a "fancy" park in nearby Grapevine, but they came our way to get together for lunch and some fun house hunting. (No big purchases...yet!)

We also had the good luck of catching friends Mike and Penny while they were stopped at home for a bit. We met this fun couple in Port Aransas a couple of winters ago, and visited with them last year as we were passing through. These days, Mike and Penny are shopping for a motorhome. We compared notes over a tasty chicken at Babe's in Roanoke. (No big purchases...yet!)

This morning we had the great pleasure of a face-to-face meeting with two "virtual" friends. Mike and Sandy recently made their home in Hurst. They picked us up for a wonderful brunch in Grapevine where we filled in the gaps between our respective blogs and Facebook posts. After sharing good food and lots of laughs, Mike and Sandy took us to their new 'hood and showed us their beautiful "stick and brick" house and "Phannie", their lovely Tiffin motorhome. We look forward to catching up with these two down the road soon.

When we head to Austin tomorrow, we'll leave here with wonderful memories of times with these friends. As much as we'd love to stay and hang with Mary and Tracy for awhile (We've threatened to buy the property next door!), it's time to go. You see, we've had way too much fun. Here it looks like Paul and Tracy has a great time hunting. No, wait! They were just out back sipping scotch and smoking cigars!

While hanging at Mary and Tracy's, we shared stories (Some of them were true!), laughs, memories and many adult beverages. Here's Mary offering up some Bailey's while Tracy searches for something in their seemingly endless bar. And, according to the ol' clock on the wall, this was all happening not long before midnight!

Thanks Mary, Tracy, Ellie and Anna for your warm and wonderful hospitality. It was fantastic to be with y'all. We miss you already, and look forward to our next visit.

Meanwhile, we have more to see in Texas. Plus, it's cold here. We're going to keep heading south until we find a place that's warm!

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