Friday, January 6, 2012

Honey Island Swamp

We ventured east to Slidell, Louisiana for today's adventure: a swamp tour!

Fellow travelers and new friends Tricia and Keith hatched the plan for this outing. When they invited us to come along for the 90-minute tour, of course we said, "Yes!"

Tricia and Keith selected this tour for its "geeky" reputation. With Captain Cousins as our very knowledgeable guide, we set off along the Pearl River and into the swamp. Without a doubt, this guy knew his stuff. We learned lots!

In winter, you can see further into the swamp. Try this in the middle of summer, and you can't see a thing.

Our captain pointed out several birds and other wildlife during our journey. His eagle eyes spotted a snake as we were moving along at a pretty good clip. Thankfully, the resident alligators in these parts are hibernating this time of year. (That didn't bother us a bit!)

We floated by several structures perched along the river. There was everything from high dollar homes to abandoned fishing camps destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. This cabin looks like someone's favorite getaway. Even along this rain-swollen river, it reminds us that life is good.

Indeed, it is! Thanks Tricia and Keith (and Captain Cousins) for a great day in the swamp. We look forward to coming back when everything is blooming and the alligators are on the prowl.

(One of us isn't too sure about that last part.)


Nan said...

John Grisham wrote a mystery centered in those swamps....made me want to visit. Glad you had the opportunity.

Tricia (Geeky Explorers) said...

Just catching up on your blog & I see an unauthorized picture of me! :) So glad you came along and that we got to spend time with you both!