Wednesday, March 21, 2012

St. Marys

From sunny Florida, we made our way to hot and steamy St. Marys (Really, there's no apostrophe!), on the south Georgia coast. Our comfortable spot at A Big Wheel RV Park was nice and shady. But, with the mosquitos out in full force we didn't spend much time outside.

We didn't need to set an alarm clock during our stay. The last two mornings we've been awakened long before it was bright and early by the resident roosters. This is one of the several little cluckers.

Our site was on the not-exactly-what-you'd-call-flight path of the yardbirds' coop. Twice a day we had a front row seat to their comings and goings. Our boy kitty kept a keen eye on it all.

The friendly owner of the park explained that these are no ordinary chickens. She referred to them as "Martha Stewart Chickens". Apparently, they are the same breed (or breeds) the domestic diva raises on her Connecticut farm. That might be a good thing. But, we wouldn't know.

Between chicken runs, we managed to get out and enjoy some of the local sites. After poking in and around the quaint shops in historic St. Marys, we enjoyed a stroll along the serene St. Marys River. Cumberland Island is down river just a bit. We had planned to visit, but with the sticky weather we opted to save that for next time.

It's doubtful there will be a "next time" for this dingy dinghy. 

Next time we visit St. Marys, we'll stay at Crooked River State Park. We took time to walk the palmetto-lined sandy trails to see what the park had to offer. 

This lovely 500-acre park sits on its namesake river, which is crooked indeed!

We scouted out the 62 campsites and there were many that would be just fine for our big ol' moose. Number 27 was one of our favorites. These shady sites offer water and electric hookups only. But, most importantly, there wasn't a chicken to be found in the entire place!

Now that we've found a quiet place to stay in St. Marys, we are looking forward to our next visit. Meanwhile, we don't need to set an alarm before we hit the road tomorrow for Hilton Head. We'll be up with the chickens. Guaranteed.

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KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

My mom in Florida has roosters nearby that woke us up each morning. But the end of the week, I was hoping to catch them and put em in a deep fryer! LOL

That other park looks very nice... and no roosters?

Karen and Steve
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