Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th!

If you want to experience Americana, head to a campground on the Fourth of July.

It’s definitely here at the Far Horizon’s 49er Village RV Resort. There are kids on bikes decorated with flags and red white and blue streamers. Campsites are decked out in stars and stripes. RVs are covered with bunting and festive party lights. There are more flags flying here than in our city neighborhood, for sure. (We’ve done our part. Can you spot our tiny little flags at the bottom of the pic?)

We arrived yesterday in the heat of the day. Everything – from leaving our storage site to setting up camp – took longer than we expected. Bullwinkle gave us fits trying to get level. We’re sure the neighbors loved watching us newbies at work. And, we learned that all 50-to-30 amp adaptors are not the same. Thankfully, a lovely woman at the office came to our rescue with adaptor that worked. (And, we’ve added an adaptor to our growing Camping World shopping list.) While it made for a stressful hour or two, it all melted away as we enjoyed a cocktail and listened to a little Fats Domino in the cool comforts of our home away from home.

Today we’re enjoying cooler heads and temperatures. We’ve exchanged pleasantries with other campers, and received many compliments on our pretty new rig.

“Don’t you know you’re not supposed to,” was how one camper started. We steeled ourselves for some sage advice for newbies. Ready to hear about whatever obviously stupid thing we’d done, we listened eagerly.

“Don’t you know you’re not supposed to buy one of these things?” he joked. “What rock have you been living under? Gas is almost five bucks a gallon. Nobody’s driving anywhere, much less buying an RV.”

We looked around at the couple hundred fuel-guzzlers and the “nobodies” having fun gathered around them.

“Yep, nobody” we chimed with a good laugh and wished each other a happy holiday.

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Dana said...

Happy 4th! The rig looks great . . . you'll have to add a bigger flag to your list so next 4th and everyone after you'll fit in as a festive, patriotic RVer. Contrats again and enjoy the weekend.

We're getting ready to grill up some ribeye's and pop open some vino...I bet you're about to do the same!