Sunday, July 6, 2008

Tour time

We made it safely to our "stick house" after a great weekend in Plymouth. The return trip was, thankfully, uneventful. P cooked up a tasty breakfast this morning and we were on the road by 11. We stopped for lunch at Brannan Island State Park -- a rather hot and muggy spot we'd been meaning to check out. (We'll come back when it's cooler.) Bullwinkle was tucked into his storage spot by 2:30. (Our car, which had been in his spot all weekend, was hotter than a firecracker inside.) A fun holiday weekend, indeed.

Between this trip and our maiden voyage, we've done our best to create a little virtual tour. It'll be awhile before Bullwinkle makes it to visit some of our readers, so we thought you might like to have a look. Of course, if you come visit us we'll be happy to take you for a ride!

Here's a walk around the outside:

Here's a look inside:

And, if you prefer photos over video, we have a few of those for you. (Click a pic for a bigger view.)

Winnebago calls this area "The Lounge":

The driver and passenger seats both rotate to face the lounge. The curtains are a very mellow tan. They're definitely not pink, as they look here.

This desk in front of the passenger seat makes a great place to blog:

Looking back from the front:

Our very comfy "u-shaped" dinette:

This kitchen is nicer than the one at home:

The bathroom has enough room to do everything you need to do:

The bed is a queen. The reading lights and bedside windows are nice:

Lots of bedroom storage and a TV, too:

OK. If you've hung on this long in the tour, we'll finish with a picture of P doing his favorite camping chore:

Yep, he's dumping!

Hope you enjoyed the tour. Watch this space for the next adventure of Bullwinkle's Travels.

Safe travels to all!

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