Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ashland, VA

We have arrived at our destination, Ashland, VA. We'll be here a couple of nights. Maybe more.

Watch this space.


Molly and Bob said...

Hi Paul and Mary...we found your blog thru Dee...We were once "Dreamers" but have been on the road now about two years so I guess we're for real now! :) LOL
You are about 18 miles from our Farm in Montpelier..if we were there, we'd come meet y'all! But we're in Myrtle Beach now! There is a great CG at the ELks lodge in Richmond ($10) if you are an Elk...a great place to stay!! I enjoy your blog and hope to meet you on the road soon! HUGS! Molly & Bob

Jim and Sandie said...

If you're headed towards the DC area, the Travel Trailer Village RV Park in Dumfrey is a great place to stay. Be prepared for lots and lots and lots and lots of traffic.

Love the blog. Stay safe.