Sunday, November 15, 2009

Two Moose

We are still hanging in Ashland, VA, after a very busy (and blurry) week. We've been taking care of two moose. (Or is that "mooses"?) On Friday, Bullwinkle made his final departure from a campground with us. Here he is getting ready to make the two mile trip to the dealership. (Yes, we were a little sad!)

The folks at McGeorge Rolling Hills RV Center were great to work with. Taking delivery of our new RV on a wet and windy day made things a bit more challenging. McGeorge set both rigs up in a couple of detail bays and we went to work at making the move under cover from the weather.

While we were moving in the good folks at McGeorge were working on our punch list. This was one of the items. Not too pretty, huh?

Friday night we spent our first night in the new moose in the shadow of the lil' moose. Here's Paul emptying the last bit of trash out of the two. The new moose was loaded up, but we still have to take care of getting our tow bar and bike rack moved over. Don't these two moose look cozy?

The new moose is just this much longer than the old one. That's all!

Late Saturday afternoon we decided to head back to the campground. I led the way in the squirrel and Paul followed behind in the new moose.

Minutes later we were back at the same campground with a new moose. With a nice wide pull-through set up was a snap. As happy as we were to have our new motorhome, we were even happier to see some sunshine at last.

This new moose has enough awning for a big party. We can't wait!

Even the cats are making themselves at home. Here's our boy kitty checking out the new front door.

And our girl kitty quickly found her favorite spot.

And, what about these two? They look pretty comfortable for the first night in a real campground with a new rolling home. Don't they? Yes, we think we're going to like it here.

Between all of our moving, we did manage to make a stop at a quilt shop in Richmond to find the fabrics of Virginia. The second from right reminds us of our new moose. And, the fabric on the right reminds us of the broken window on the old moose that literally exploded into a million pieces as we drove through Richmond.

I found this fabric at the store and just had to pick up a fat quarter. There were RVs of all shapes and sizes. It'll be fun to find a special place for this fabric in our fulltiming quilt.

After resting up a bit over the weekend, we're ready to head back to the dealership tomorrow to take care of a few loose ends. With any luck at all we'll be back on the road sometime tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest.

We can't wait!


Jim and Dee said...

Wonderful comparison of the Two Moose. It's not THAT much longer, but sure is big! Great Post.

Gypsy said...

I think it's one moose, two or more meese, or is it . . .

I hope you have wonderful and safe travels in it. It sure is a beauty.

Happytrails said...

You all look right at home in your new Moose!! Have tons of fun and remember to travel safely!

Mike and Gerri (happytrails)

sue and doug said...

once again..your posts are worth the wait..glad all went pretty well travels to you and the BIG BULL tommorrow!!

Tom and Marci said...

I love your "Richmond" fabric selections -- especially the rv fabric! I've got to look for that one!!


charlene said...

Just checking in on your two and your new Moose - congrats on your new place!I think of your guys often and your new life on the road.

Mary, happy belated birthday! We are going to miss you at our annual Zuni holiday dinner!
Any plans to be in CA in 2010?

Paula and Mel said...

Love the fabric! Do you ever show any pictures of the quilts you make?
Would love to see them.