Friday, January 15, 2010

Livingston, TX

The last 10 days have been quiet and uneventful, which pretty much sums up Livingston. This is our first visit to an Escapees campground, and this one is located at the organization's headquarters. It's a no frills kind of place where everyone smiles and waves.

One of our tasks during our stay was to get the squirrel inspected and registered in Texas. Rocky's old California tags are history, and now he's sporting brand spankin' new plates from the Lone Star State.

Our most pleasant find here in this very sleepy town is Florida's Kitchen, recommended to us by Godfadda Gordon. Located on the outskirts of Livingston, Florida's is obviously the place to have lunch. When you pull up and see three County Sheriff cars you know you've come to the right place, or you're walking into some serious trouble. Thankfully, it was the former and not the latter. The friendly folks at Florida's serve up some mighty fine Southern cookin' with some friendly Texas hospitality. This place doesn't look like much, but it's definitely worth a stop.

We're pleased to report that we're warming up and feeling better. We've recovered from our post-holiday cold bugs, and while it's not what most around here would exactly call warm, we've enjoyed a few afternoons where we've been able to air out the moose a bit. The cats have a new favorite place on days like that. The steps are a perfect spot to soak up some afternoon sun and sniff some fresh air...and each other.

We delayed our departure for the Gulf Coast one day, as that area has been hit with some very heavy rains and strong winds today. By leaving tomorrow, we should miss the worst of the weather and sail through Houston on a, hopefully, quiet Saturday morning.

Stay tuned!

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