Friday, January 1, 2010

Weatherford, TX

Greetings from sunny and, relatively speaking, warm Weatherford! We've talked to a few folks around here who think our 50-degree days and 20-something degree nights are cold. Compared to where we've been the last five weeks, we tell them, this place is a tropical paradise! It's all relative, I guess.

We left Wellington around 9:30 yesterday morning and within minutes were in Oklahoma. With no precipitation in the forecast along our route, we weren't too concerned about the heavy overcast. But, as we approached the Arbuckle Mountains (and it's a real stretch to call them mountains) a steady drizzle turned to snow. The storm was of the "big flake" variety that reduced visability and piled up quickly. Thankfully, the road remained clear and everyone took their time making their way.

By the time we crossed the border into Texas, the snow had changed back to rain. We were so glad to have that mess behind us. We made our wet way into and around Fort Worth, then headed west to Weatherford.

We've made our temporary home here at the Oak Creek RV Park, just west of Weatherford. This three-year-old park has everything we need to relax and thaw out for a few days. (Notice the bright blue sky and the absence of white stuff on the ground.)

We look forward to exploring the area a bit and visiting with family. We'll head south from here on Monday.


Christine said...

What a wonder to be able to hook up the squirrel and hit the road when temps become more than you can handle. It'll be doubly good when the triple digits hits and you can head for cooler climes.


sue and doug said...

how nice to see the "big moose" with blue sky and green ground underneath..we forgot what you looked like!!!..enjoy the warmer deserve it!!!

Box Canyon Blogger said...

Wow, nothing short of Sara N. Dippity has me reading your blog. I did a New Year's "Musings On 2010" post on my own Artful RV Adventures/Box Canyon Blog and it included some "things" I missed about the old days. One of them was the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show... specifically Boris and Natasha.

Well a commenter dropped a link to you guys saying you were alive and well and RV'ers to boot! Cool.


Happytrails said...

Good to see you guys heading for warmer weather. Travel safely and enjoy the journey!!