Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hill Country Caching

This gorgeous afternoon in Texas Hill Country called us out to play. Lucky for us this is a geocache-rich part of the world. We plotted a scenic drive that offered a number of hidden caches along the way. The “smiley faces” are our successful finds: 16 in total. For these two geocachers, that’s definitely a good day.

Our first find wasn’t far from our RV park. This cache was named “Lord willing and the creek don’t rise.” As soon as we caught a glimpse of the flood gauge, we knew where to look.

The next cache was at a picnic area on I-10. It is part of the GeoTrucker cache series, which features caches across the country that are within easy access to big rigs. This one was called “Scenic View”. We sure could understand why.

Another series of caches features Texas Historical Markers. It makes locating the general area of the cache pretty easy. Plus, we usually learn a thing or two. But, we’re not big fans of rockpile caches. We found this one after picking up just six rocks.

One of the things we love about geocaching is that it gives us reason to visit not-so-touristy places, such as the tiny town of Harper, Texas. With no cell service in this out-of-the-way place, we had no info about the cache on the grounds of the Harper Presbyterian Church. With nothing but coordinates, Paul found it in a flash.

Several of today's cache's were hidden along Tivydale Road, a one-lane paved road through remote countryside. These guys were grazing with a cache close by.

While Paul picked up another cache on the road, I enjoyed the blooming trees against the blue sky. Spring has definitely sprung in Hill Country!

We passed many ranches along Tivydale Road. This ranch was home to some interesting looking creatures.

Tivydale Road contained several interesting structures. The name of the cache near this one is named "Renovations". We'd love to know the story behind this tower.

This cache took us to the edge of a canyon. Paul grabbed the cache while I enjoyed the view.

That cache on the edge was located just beyond the corner of this cemetery, which was created for the descendants of one family.

With plenty of drought-ending rain this Winter, many of the water crossings out in the country were full of water. We were extra careful making these crossings, of course. But, doesn't Rocky look like he's having a fun day?

We all did!


Gordon and Juanita said...

Hey, we recognize a few of those geocache about that!!!

Great job guys!

Da Godfadda

Happytrails said...

Super!! Sounds like a great geocaching day!! :)

Good for you all!!
Mike and Gerri (

Charlie and Peggy said...

Oh we need to go do some of those Caches,,,just beautiful!!!

sue and doug said...

looks like a great day you both had!..16 finds in one day..woohooo!!!