Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Rio Grande Valley, TX

Here's a sunset view from Mission, TX, the place we've called home for the last two weeks. We've gone just about as far south in the US as we can go, and it's still chilly for the folks in the RGV. It's just been one of those winters. And, in typical South Texas style, it's been windy. In fact, you can pretty much count on it. This sunset captures one of those rare moments down here when it isn't windy.

The highlight of our stay, without a doubt, has been the chance to catch up with some traveling friends and meet new ones. One late afternoon we gathered for happy hour at the home of Arlene and Kevin who spent the last two months at a park not far from here. This is a representative sample of the group I snapped while we were leaving. (I always remember to bring my camera to gatherings like this, but I frequently forget to use it.) It's been fun spending time with Arlene and Kevin, Mac and Netters, Kathy and Chuck, Dortha and Mark, and Donna and Nolan. (I think that's everybody!) Most of these folks left for Rockport yesterday. So, needless to say, we're a little lonely. But, we'll be fine!

Before the mass exodus of our friends, we had a very fun Girls Day Out. After picking up a couple of essentials I had no idea I needed at a local restaurant supply house, we made our way to The Vintage Tea Room for a very special lunch.

Here are Dortha, Sue, Kathy, Anna and Netters just sitting down and beginning to take the place in. There was a lot to see!

We follow instructions well, too! Everywhere we looked there were hats and dresses and beads and boas. We all went in search of our unique look for lunch.

Don't Kathy and Arlene look fabulous? They are just about ready for tea!

Dortha really got into the spirit of it all in her hat, dress and the perfect accessory - a pink boa. We all had a great time trying everything on.

Once we found our proper couture, we all sat down to tea and sandwiches. The conversation and laughter flowed.

Before we left we just had to take one more look around. Everything in the place is for sale, and you just never know what you might find!

There were collections of things everywhere.

It was a very sweet, and very girlie, place. We left our hats and boas inside, but the big smiles on our faces stayed with us the rest of the day.

After lunch we did some serious shopping and a Spanish lesson near the border. We learned there's a very big difference between "ropa nueva" and "ropa usada". Ropa nueva is worth a stop. As you can see, we did some serious shopping for that. Ropa usada? Not so much.

Thanks, ladies, for a very fun day!

Things are pretty quiet these days in the RGV. With three more weeks to hang out, we're planning to use the time to catch up and rest up. Our cats have the right idea. I caught a glimpse of our boy kitty stretched out on the dash and just had to get a picture of these two wildcats!

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