Sunday, May 23, 2010

Morgan Hill Revisited

What a weekend! We returned to Morgan Hill for another gathering with our Winnebago Club, The Chardonnay Travelers. We served as co-wagonmasters for the weekend along with fellow members Mary and Bob. Official club photographer Jan sent us this collage. Isn't it wonderful?

Our home for the weekend was Coyote Valley Resort. We loved it the last time we were here and still do. The only thing we would have changed was the weather. It was chilly and windy. We even had a few raindrops!

One of the activities we planned for the weekend was a geocaching outing. After a brief introduction to the game, Paul led a group of enthusiastic new cachers on a hunt for five geocaches. This first find was right outside the park.

One evening we all ventured out to a nearby steakhouse. Doesn't this well fed and watered group look happy?

The folks at the other end of our table look equally satisfied!

It was great fun getting together with these good folks again. It had been nearly a year since we've seen them. We look forward to meeting up with several members in Iowa. And, you just never know where and when you might run into a Chardonnay Traveler on the road.

Thanks, gang, for a very fun weekend.

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