Saturday, May 1, 2010

Way Behind

We've been on the move, with no time to blog.

O.K. That's not entirely true. But, it sure sounds good!

We have been on the move, though. And, just to bring you up to speed, we've made it to California. We are leaving Bakersfield this morning for Pleasanton, where we'll hang out for a couple of weeks.

More soon.


Anonymous said...

Caught you on the move. Have a good trip back to the bay area. Looking forward to seeing you again.

sue and doug said...

california!! nice for you..hope you enjoy your stay back home again!!

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Joy and Phil said...

Okay ... Natasha! Checking your blog every day and hoping for a new entry ... what's up?
Your nosy new friend and fellow RVer :),

Bill Moore said...

Hey Paul,

Sorry I missed you last week at the Breakfast Club, but was charging through New England to see my family and racecars. See, at least, the racecars at

Happy tripping!

Bill Moore

Sue and Doug said...

come come out where ever you are..we miss you Bullwinkle!!!