Thursday, April 29, 2010


Here's where we've spent the last two nights: The Blake Ranch RV Park and Horse Motel, just east of Kingman, AZ. So far, we've only spotted RVs. No horses. But, we're here for another night. So, who knows?

Our original plan was to stop here for a quick overnight. But, Mother Nature had other plans. Springtime in the deserts of Arizona and California can get mighty windy. And, so it is this week. We left Camp Verde bright and fairly early (for us, anyway) in hopes of beating the wind to Kingman. And, we did OK. By the time we pulled into the horse motel shortly after noon, the desert winds were beginning to blow. Since then, we've had wind, rain and even a snowflake or two. So, all we've done is sit in this comfortable and quiet spot just off I-40. Yesterday's forecast across the deserts was 60 mph winds, so we decided to sit in our comfy spot. And, today's forecast wasn't much better, so we continued to sit and wait.

Tomorrow looks like a decent day to make the drive. The forecast is calling for gusts in and around canyons. So, the climb up and over Tehachapi could be interesting. Our big moose is up for the challenge.

Too bad the wind hasn't stopped howling since we arrived. This looks like a fun place to get out and explore.

Maybe next time.

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