Monday, April 12, 2010

To Tucson

With a 280-mile drive across the desert ahead of us, we were prepared to be bored on the road today. We didn't pass much civilization on I-10. But, every little wide spot in the road made itself known with multiple billboards. This was the welcome to Akela Flats near Deming. As much as we were tempted, we didn't stop.

Speaking of billboards, Bullwinkle felt like a rolling one for much of our trip today. Driving into a stiff headwind we knew it was windy. These signs reminded us of what can happen when wind meets the desert.

Thankfully, our breezy drive was clear and free of dust storms. We could see for miles.

These yellow wildflowers carpeted the desert in Western New Mexico.

As we entered the Texas Canyon the scenery definitely changed.

And, within minutes we were welcomed to the Grand Canyon State. With a rest area just up the highway, we prepared to change drivers.

Oh well! Maybe not. With towns few and far between and a Walmart nowhere to be found, Paul drove to the next rest area, where we had lunch. With the wind continuing to blow and Tucson just a few miles away, Paul took the wheel for the rest of the drive.

We found our way to Desert Trails RV Park in South Tucson. This is the view outside our Imax window for the next week. We're looking forward to relaxing and exploring the area.

Stay tuned.


Randy and Terry said...

We really like Desert Trails! The owner, Pericles, is a hoot. And its proximity to Saguaro Natl Park is very nice. Enjoy!

Doug & JoAnn said...

You're in one of our very favorite spots! We usually stay at Justin's Diamond J next door but the desert view is the same. Enjoy all the trails out back of there for us!