Tuesday, April 20, 2010


We spent the last 24 hours or so parked in this not-so-scenic spot: Affinity RV here in PRESS-kit, Arizona. The fine folks at Affinity offered us a place to overnight and early this morning they got going on silencing Bullwinkle's squealing water heater and upgrading the software for the moose's big diesel engine.

We took advantage of our overnight here to meet up with Sandie and Jim, who are staying in nearby Prescott Valley. Sandie is the "president" of the Escapees Fulltiming Class of 2009. It was a real treat to meet them both. We wandered over to Prescott's historic Whiskey Row. When we passed by The Bird Cage, Sandie said we had to go in. So, we followed Madame President's orders! (That's one of the many birds we found inside.)

Seated at the bar, we enjoyed some fine Arizona brew and a round of the house trivia game, which was lots of fun. We followed a recommendation of one of our bar mates and strolled over to Prescott Brewing Company for a delicious dinner. Thanks, Jim and Sandie, for showing us such a good time and sharing your pics!

Our service work wrapped up around 4:00 pm this afternoon. We made the short but scenic 50-mile drive up to Camp Verde, which will serve as our base as we explore Sedona and surrounding areas for the next week.

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KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Oh so cool to see you guys meet up... I follow both your blogs! Did that noisy water heater get silenced? What was causing it? Curious minds want to know! LOL

Karen and Steve
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