Friday, September 17, 2010

Monett Revisited

Our unexpected trip to Kansas City brought with it some pleasant surprises. We spent some quality time with our family, including relatives from Monett. As we planned a new route for our travels, we decided to swing through this friendly little town in Southwest Missouri on our way to South Carolina. When we pulled into the same park we stayed in when we came through nearly a year ago, we smiled when they assigned us the same site.

That sent us flipping through our photo files to find this shot from our first visit. Parked here in the same site with our new moose we can really tell a difference in how big it is. Last year we had plenty of room to spare. This year, we're using every inch of our site in this nice little park.

Since our last visit, a couple of family members have launched new businesses here. We checked in on Cousin John, who is busy supplying Southwest Missourians with pellet fuel for the winter. If you're driving around these parts and see "Big Red", that's John making a delivery!

John's wife Melissa is hard at work at her very specialized printing firm in Springfield. We stopped by for a quick tour and were very impressed. Melissa and her team work very hard to keep their customers happy.

The timing of our visit was a real treat. We arrived just in time for Aunt Martha's 89th birthday. She chose the spot for her birthday dinner and enjoyed some fried ice cream for the very first time. We think she liked it!

The western sky looked dramatic as we left the restaurant after Aunt Martha's birthday dinner. How does that saying go? "Red sky at night, sailor's delight?" Well, not so tonight. Not long after this peaceful shot was taken, we tucked Bullwinkle in, packed the cats in the Jeep and headed to John and Melissa's as some severe weather passed through.

Last night's storms brought welcome cooler weather and clear skies today. Tomorrow we'll point the moose toward Kentucky. But, we look forward to visiting this fun little corner of Missouri again.


KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

How cool that you ended up on the same site, only this time with a bigger and better MOOSE!

Karen and Steve
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Sue and Doug said...

great comparison shot!!..the moose is loose!..and way bigger!!!