Sunday, August 29, 2010


We've spent the last two days traveling on Interstate 70. It's not the most scenic way to see Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois and Missouri, but it's definitely the fastest. And, with 900 miles to cover, we were definitely looking for most direct route. We left Somerset County and traveled back across Western Pennsylvania. We crossed a wee little strip of West Virginia.

We were blessed with everything we could ask for to make this quick trip: wonderful weather and a weekend. We didn't see a cloud in the sky on Saturday, and experienced essentially no wind. We were especially thankful for weekend traffic as we passed through several cities along the way.

After covering 400 miles on I-70, we stopped for a quick overnight just east of Indianapolis. At the crack of dawn Sunday we were back on this now very familiar stretch of highway.

Sunday's weather was nearly a carbon copy of the previous day, with a few more clouds and just a bit of wind. Temperatures climbed into the 90s, which meant Bullwinkle had to work extra hard to keep us moving. Thankfully, our trusty generator kept our moose comfortable inside. (And, yes, we picked up a few bugs along the way!)

No state signs for Missouri or Kansas. (The photographer was behind the wheel.) But, we were very glad to see them both.

With 500 miles behind us on this sizzling Sunday, we made our way to our "home park" in Kansas City. With the moose settled in for a well-deserved rest, we readied the squirrel and ourselves for a busy couple of weeks with our families.

And, we think we'll stay off of I-70 for awhile. Maybe a long while!

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