Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Welcome to Thompson, Iowa. Population: 596. Just outside of town is the home of our friends Gary and Francile, who we met this Spring in Austin. They have a small farm with, by the looks of things, a nice crop of Winnebagos out back. (This is Winnebago County, after all!) Last week, while Bullwinkle was over in Forest City having a ceiling replaced, our dear friends kindly offered their Journey (there on the left) as a temporary home. Yesterday, we brought our repaired moose back to spend one last night on the farm. (Don't those two Winnies look beauuutiful?)

Gary and Francile were such gracious and generous hosts. They took very good care of their homeless friends. And, they're mighty fun people. We had a great time hanging out at the farm and getting the lay of the land. We especially enjoyed our day trip together across the border to Mankato, MN. Yesterday's lunch was extra special as we got to meet several members of their wonderful family.

The newest member of the family is Coffee, a teeny kitten with great big paws. We all had a great time watching her explore the farm.

This was the view of the farm out our Imax window. With such a peaceful setting to enjoy, we warned our friends that we were never going to leave.

Our favorite view was from the soon-to-be-screened porch. Now, this is Iowa! Gorgeous, isn't it? I could spend hours sitting here watching the corn grow. The locals say it's looking good this year. We stopped at that grain elevator to weigh the moose and were pleased to discover that we have plenty of pounds to spare. That's definitely good news.

According to Wikipedia, Thompson's town motto is "A Good Place to Call Home". Thanks to our dear friends, we feel fortunate to have called this lovely little place home for a short while.

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Sue and Doug said...

friends for life now!!!.looked like a mighty fine campground!!!