Friday, August 6, 2010

Devil's Lake

We were expecting our mail today, but it didn't show. So, instead of heading north we hung around Wisconsin Dells for another day. It would have been a beautiful day to drive, but since we weren't driving anywhere we opted for a hike around Devil's Lake, just south of Baraboo. Devil's Lake State Park is a welcome respite from the very touristy Dells. Today's weather brought out quite a crowd...and lots of mosquitos. We hiked along the western bluff of the lake, on part of the Ice Age Trail, some 500 feet above the water. We started our hike waaay down there, near the beach.

The views from the top of bluff were definitely worth the climb. The towering quartzite is beautiful against the clear blue water and the green Wisconsin hills.

Back down at lake level, we enjoyed the scenery for a bit before heading back toward the beach.

The lakeside trail was aptly named Tumbled Rocks. Huge quartzite boulders lined the trail. Thankfully we didn't have to climb over them!

We searched for three geocaches along the trails and found none. It was just one of those days. Shortly after Paul zeroed in on this cache location we were literally swarmed by about a dozen kids, who for some unknown reason decided they needed to explore this spot off the trail. We aborted our search and called it an 0-for-3 day.

We didn't find any caches, but we got some much-needed exercise and enjoyed some amazing views. Not a bad way to spend a day waiting for mail!


Jim and Sandie said...

Have a great dinner tonight with Eric/Karla and Sue/and her hubby. Hope your mail finally showed up.

Sue and Doug said...

great photos today!..nice to see Paul!!!

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Well, at least the missing mail gave you a chance for a great hike.

Judy and Emma said...

You brought back memories of hiking around Devil's Lake when I was about 16. The thing I remember most (remember I was a teenager) was my Ma holding it in because she refused to use public restrooms! It had been a day trip for us all the way to and from Chicago! She had one powerful bladder! The pit toilets at that time really were the pits, as I remember. :)

Freely Living Life said...

Wisconsin Dells and Baraboo are some of my favorite areas in Wisconsin.

Thank you for capturing the beauty of this area for all to see!

See you down the road,

The Freely Living Life Family