Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mackinaw City

Our last day in the U.P. was a windy one. Driving along Highway 2 we watched the surf build on Lake Michigan. Some of those waves were big!

With only 80 miles or so to drive today, we thought our travels would be short. But, when we got to the exit to the Mackinac Bridge, this backup meant we had to wait awhile.

The long lines of traffic on a Sunday afternoon reminded us of our days in the Bay Area. But, the most important item in this picture is that flag on the left side. We were in for one stiff cross wind!

Paul steadied himself for the drive across the windy span. He looks like he's really concentrating, doesn't he? He was!

The Mackinac Bridge is four miles across. The wind was blowing so hard that when we passed the uprights the moose suddenly went silent. And with no wind for a moment, we nearly steered ourselves into the side. I think we took three, maybe four collective breaths as we made the crossing.

Within minutes of crossing the Mighty Mac we were parked safely in the KOA in Mackinaw City. We have a lot of exploring to do in a short time. So, Paul was quick to pull the bikes off the back and get them ready to ride. We took a quick cruise around town and made our plans for tomorrow's special trip.

Stay tuned for more from the "tip of the mitt"!

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Len said...

Hey, you two, MEA forwarded your blog to me and I enjoyed it -- including the wind. We experienced it in the Northern part of the UP. Lake Superior had waves 9' tall. Now here we are in Northern Dakota with very strong winds. MEA and I have purchased new fishing gear, but we are afraid that if we cast into the wind, the hook will come back and get us. Of course all of the fish in the river will be laughing.

We will stay here until Sunday and then continue on into South Dakota and some of the great things it has to offer.

Bye and have interesting and safe travels in the Moose.