Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Defeated Again

Oh! We just couldn't resist that little play on words. We have so enjoyed our week at Defeated Creek Campground in Carthage. This is one of our favorite campgrounds, and it was a treat to return. This place is quite popular, and we arrived at the tail end of Spring Break. So, the pickin's were mighty slim when it came to available sites. Site number 5 has to be the most unlevel spot in the place. It has more dips, twists and turns than any slab of concrete should. But, we made it work.

Even the sloping sites feature a nice view. The weather has been chilly this week. But, we did make some time to kick back and relax.

After the Easter weekend, the park really cleared out. During most of the week these two were our closest neighbors.

One of the things we love about Defeated Creek are the beautiful sunsets over the lake. We were pleased to see they are just as beautiful in the Spring as they are in the Fall.

As lovely as our campground is, the real reason we're here is to visit with friends Lisa and Tony and their boys. They were camped in the park through the holiday weekend. We all got together for a couple of tasty dinners accompanied by Tony's trademark campfires. It was wonderful to catch up with them. The timing of our visit coincided with the start of son Rick's t-ball season. It was so fun to watch him and his teammates. Just look at that swing!

And how about that form? Rick was obviously practicing for some dramatic action in the outfield. His teammate? Not so much.

Of course, every ballplayer knows the best part of the game is the drink and snack!

This week, we got to spend time with some of the good folks from the local high school, where Lisa works. Last night, we joined the Smith County High School staff trivia team at a local eatery for their weekly trivia competition. These folks are good! As always, they came away the winners. And, Paul and I were able to help 'em out just a bit. All these miles traveling down the highway while listening to country music paid off when we were quickly able to identify the lyrics to Toby Keith's Red Solo Cup.

This afternoon, we stopped by the school for a visit. We stopped in the office and one of the soon-to-be-graduating students gave us an awesome tour of the place. The free tour wrapped up at Lisa's classroom. It was great to meet her students and helpers. Many thanks to Lisa and her family for their warm hospitality. We hope everybody has a wonderful Summer!

We're enjoying one more sunset at Defeated Creek. As the saying goes, "Red sky at night, sailor's delight." Here's hoping we have smooth sailing into Kentucky tomorrow. After this wonderful week, we're already looking forward to the next time we can return to Defeated again!


Judy and Emma said...

Site #4 isn't exactly level either, and being gravel the heavy rain made a washboard of the exit ramp. :)

Great park, though, but super popular.

Zeb said...

Those are great photos of the sunset on Defeated Creek. Would you be willing to allow me to use one on our website - for our Defeated Creek Listing. I can definitely link the listing to your blog.