Wednesday, April 4, 2012


We love the Smokey Mountains. So, when our travels brought us back to North Carolina, we decided to look for a spot west of Asheville to chill for a few days. We found just that in Waynesville, a small town just outside of Pigsah National Forest.

There are few parks in Waynesville that are closer to the interstate. Trails End RV Park is a bit farther off the beaten (but not too beaten) path, and worth the few extra miles. We knew very little about this place, but we trusted our intuition and are glad we did. The owner and camp hosts were friendly and accommodating.

This is the kind of place that fills up in the Summer. We were definitely a bit ahead of the busy season. Every morning we watched the fog dance around the mountains as the skies cleared.

Afternoon showers and thunderstorms were common, but brief. How's that for a rainbow? Spectacular!

A "must do" for this stop was to trek a few miles on the Appalachian Trail. We made our way to the Max Patch trailhead and enjoyed a three-mile hike on the AT. That barely scratches the surface of the 2,181-mile trail. But, it's a start!

Max Patch served up some spectacular 360-degree views of the surrounding mountains. Looking off to the north and west, we could see Tennessee. And, provided the weather holds out, that's where we'll be off to tomorrow!

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Nan said...

We stayed at the campground in the National Forest and it was great. But it is nice to know of a good campground also. This is where we almost "lost" our motorhome thanks to an errant GPS. You can find that story on our blog.