Saturday, August 2, 2008

Amongst the Busses

That's Bullwinkle on the left, looking a bit out of place amongst the big ol' busses. (Yeah, that's a 20-ft. Class C next to us. But, its owners have three busses they left at home.)

These rolling bits of Americana bring back memories of a much simpler time. Today, in their new lives, these busses have all the comforts of home and then some. And, they are lovingly cared for by their dedicated owners who see them as a constant work in progress. They're sort of like a hobby on wheels.

We had a little impromptu open house this afternoon and got to see what's inside. They are way cool! They are not-so-little rock solid boxes of classic craftsmanship. It was a real treat to take a look. We've really enjoyed getting to know their owners. Nice people.

Life at Duck Island continues to be relaxing. Yesterday we took a bike ride up and and across the river to check out a county park with a mighty nice RV campground. It comes highly recommended by a couple we met in Plymouth. We'll definitely be back and give it a the less windy season.

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