Sunday, August 3, 2008

On Our Own Again

Now, that's a sad sight, isn't it? It's the last bus pulling out of the campground. With that, our weekend party was over. That left us as just about the last weekenders in the place. With the shortest drive of the day, we decided we'd take our time packing up and sharing goodbyes with our new friends.

After the last bus pulled away, we made some time to clean up the moose. It's becoming a bit of a Sunday ritual for us. By making cleaning up the last thing we do before we pull out, we know we'll have a clean coach waiting for us on our next trip out. And, that makes the end of a trip a little less depressing.

With less than a 30-mile Sunday afternoon drive ahead of us, time flew. We were backing Bullwinkle into his parking spot before we knew it, and soon enjoying the last bits of the weekend at home.

We don't know where we're headed next, or exactly when. Looks like we have some research to do and reservations to make. Watch this space!

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