Friday, August 1, 2008

Duck Island

This is the view outside our bedroom window. Here we sit on the shores of the Sacramento River at Duck Island RV Park. We haven't seen any ducks yet, but we've seen plenty of fishermen, boats, jet skis and white caps. The always dependable Delta breeze bordered on a gale force wind yesterday. Today it's much more in character, and we might actually be able to put out our awning.

We're here as part of a rally hosted by an FMCA chapter of converted bus enthusiasts. We'll get some pictures of these classics from the past. If you ever rode a Greyhound Bus in the '60s, there's a chance we're parked next to it right now. Yeah, we're talking about those big diesel busses that were once the transport mode of choice for America's travelers. Now, many of them are living a second life as a very nice motorcoach. True, our brand spankin' new motorhome looks a bit out of place here. But, we've received a very warm welcome from a mighty friendly group of folks.

With our weekend already well underway, we're working really hard at kicking back and doing our best to relax. And, this is just the place to do that. TGIF!

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