Thursday, June 3, 2010


We had a decision to make before we left Sacramento: Which way to leave California. The shortest, and most familiar, route is I-80 up and over the Sierra Nevada. The other option, US-50, is more scenic and much longer. Either way is curvy. (And, we just haven't had enough curves lately!) With a long travel day in front of us, we were leaning toward the shortest route. But, when we heard reports of two spots on I-80 near the summit where travel was reduced to one very rough and skinny lane each way, we knew which way to go. We were heading to Lake Tahoe.

The climb was scenic, but a relatively easy drive. And, it was longer than we thought it would be. Of course, the speed limit and stop lights through this trendy tourist town didn't help. Between the curves, hills, small towns and numerous construction delays, it seemed like the universe was conspiring to slow us down.

Getting a peek at Lake Tahoe was a special treat on today's long route. It's a beautiful spot. Our new friends Sandy and John are planning to spend several days here soon. We're so jealous.

The rest of our travel in Nevada was quite mundane. This last stretch (for us) of US-50 east of Carson City follows the path of the Pony Express in 1861. Traveling this landscape in a stagecoach would be a rough ride. Our moose is much more comfortable!

By the time we arrived in Elko, we had traveled 440 miles at an average speed of 48 mph. That makes today our longest travel day yet, anyway you look at it. We're wedged in this gravely park pretty tight. But, we don't care. We're here to eat, sleep and get ready to get back on the road. We'll have lots of time to laze around a spacious and scenic campground very soon.

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Cathy Davis said...

It looks like a beautiful drive...we hope to go west next summer and visit Red Rock...hope the weather is better then....