Wednesday, June 2, 2010


When it comes to camping in Fort Bragg, the ideal solution would be to have a helicopter bring the moose in and then come to pick it up and take it away. With our helicopter in the shop, we were left to resort to Highway 20 out of the place. We've written about this stretch of highway before. It wasn't fun then and it still isn't so. But, today, we added another twisty, turning leg and continued on CA-20 from 101 to I-5. That's 100 miles of white knuckle driving in one day. Tons of fun!

Along the way along Highway 20 we did catch a glimpse or two of Clear Lake. A few years back we spent a very fun weekend here. Now we're wondering why we didn't return. (Was it the curvy roads, perhaps?)

When we finally reached the long, wide, straight stretch of highway otherwise known as I-5, we let out a cheer. Then we made a beeline for Capitol West RV Park in Sacramento. We wedged the moose into its spot in this urban-but-quite-suitable-for-an-overnight-or-two park. This destination park served as a the spot of a special meetup. See that diesel pusher parked right behind us? It belongs to our newest friends, Sandy and John.

Sandy and John left Wisconsin at the beginning of the year and have spent the last three months in the Golden State. We really enjoyed meeting this very fun couple and look forward to seeing them down the road soon.

Of course, we met the other member of their family: KoKo. We're the first to admit that we're cat people. But, KoKo is definitely our kind of dog.

Yesterday, the four of us ventured a bit east to catch up with our friend Gypsy, who has settled into new digs here in Sacramento. We met Gypsy the first time in February 2009 here in Sacramento. Then, we caught up with her at Butte Lake in Mt. Lassen a year ago. We met once more when she passed through Kansas City last September, and we caught up again in Swannanoa, NC in November. It was wonderful to see our cross-country travel buddy again. We look forward to seeing her down the road.

After a couple of fun and restful nights in Sacramento, something tells me we're in for more curves tomorrow. Stay tuned.


Margie M. said...

Yeah, we've experienced our share of curvy roads this trip too. How nice that you were able to meet up with Gypsy again. I'm sure she enjoyed seeing you guys and meeting John and Sandy, too. Can't wait for more of this adventure!! Have fun.

Sue and Doug said...

I thought I was your kind of dog??..never mind the cute white fluffy lap dog!!
Tucker :(