Saturday, June 5, 2010

To Island Park

A mere 94 miles separated us from our next destination: Red Rock RV Park. The drive north on US-20 was quite pleasant. The low-hanging clouds masked the surrounding mountains. Occasionally we got a quick peek at the snow-capped beauties.

At the northern end of Island Park, we turned off the highway and traveled five miles on a (thankfully) paved road through the forest. As we made the last turn we lost cell service but were treated to a sweeping view of a beautiful valley we get to call home for the next month. And, who is that we see at the park entrance?

It's da Godfadda! Our dear friends Gordon and Juanita were there to welcome us to their Summer place. They rolled out the red carpet (literally) and we felt right at home. After getting the moose set up, we joined Gordon and Juanita for a hearty dinner at their place. What a treat!

The evening's conversation was interrupted by a real show from Mother Nature as the most radiant rainbow stretched across the eastern end of the valley. We grabbed our cameras and ran outside to do our best to capture the sight. This photo doesn't do it justice. Trust us. It was something!

By the way, that last pic is the view out our front window. With or without a rainbow, it's stunning.

Yep. We like it here!

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Randy and Terry said...

Perfect timing for this post! I've been looking for a park close to Yellowstone and here you've given it to me! :) Thanks.