Monday, June 15, 2009

Butte Lake

We wandered far from our cozy campground today and made a 65-mile road trip to this beautiful spot. Butte Lake is located in the Northeast corner of Mt. Lassen Volcanic National Park. The volcanic remains appear to "spill" into the lake.

Our Jeep Rocky really enjoyed the trip down Butte Lake Road, a six-mile gravel road that winds through the forest and sometimes feels more like a washboard than a road.

We had a very good reason for making this long and rough drive. We came to see Marty, our fulltime RVing friend we caught up with in Sacramento earlier this year. She's serving as a camphost at the Butte Lake Campground. (Doesn't she look official?) This campground is as gorgeous as it is rustic. No hookups for campers and it's many miles to anything that begins to resemble civilization, which explains why we were just visiting.

We sat in this beautiful rustic campground and caught up. P spent a minute showing Marty his new iphone. The funny thing about this picture is we were miles and miles from cell service. So, at this location, this little apple was pretty much a paperweight.

After a couple of hours of great conversation, we left Marty to do her afternoon rounds and we headed back to our campground, with new appreciation for our full hookups. We look forward to seeing this special friend down the road.


Anonymous said...

She looks good! Thank you for sharing...

Debbie and Rod said...

OMG, that radio is almost as big as she is!!