Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mt. Lassen

We have a knack for choosing inclement days to visit the most spectacular vistas.  Such was the case once again as we ventured up the road to Mt. Lassen Volcanic National Park. With plans to pick up a National Parks Annual Pass, take a hike, enjoy a picnic and spend the afternoon exploring the park, turns out our we were able to accomplish just half of our mission.

With our shiny new park pass in hand, we stopped just inside the gate at Manzanita Lake. The two-mile perimeter hike offers stunning views of the park's snow-capped peaks. We tried to capture as many as we could along the way. Each time a peak would peek, we'd stop and shoot.

Looks like P got a good shot! Even on this cloudy day, the views were lovely. We'll try our best to make another trip when the sun is shining.

While most of the views were up, we enjoyed looking around the lake and the forest floor, where we admired the beauty in some very small things.

As we came off the trail, the skies opened up and the rain began to pour. (What timing!) With no signs of a break in the weather, we headed back to the moose to enjoy our picnic lunch. 

With a promise for better weather in coming days, we'll definitely be back.  

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