Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Finally Back from Cloverdale

We made it home a week ago yesterday. But, Bullwinkle spent the last week at the "hospital" in Petaluma. 

After a long weekend of fun, relaxation and some successful geocaching, we dropped the moose off last Monday morning for some routine service and a bit of warranty work. He was released today, though he'll have to make a return visit when some special order parts come in.

We ran up in the Jeep to pick Bullwinkle up and take him to his home. The cats came along for the ride. Were they ever confused! We put them in their crates and loaded them into the Jeep. They know this drill: We were going camping!  They are well-accustomed to the 20-minute drive to the moose. About 30 minutes into our hour-long drive today, one of them started complaining. We had exceeded his limit in the Jeep!

When we arrived in Petaluma, we hooked the squirrel to the moose for the ride home. We parked the cats in the motorhome and they settled in for what they surely thought was a ride to a campground. When we pulled into the storage facility, we stopped to unhook the Jeep, and the cats had that look they get when we pull into a campsite. Just about the time they were ready to hear the jacks go down and the slides come out, we picked up their crates and deposited them into the Jeep. Twenty minutes later they were home again.

You could see it on their furry faces: "Say WHAT?"

No, this is not how a camping trip is supposed to go. But, we promised we'd take them on a real trip soon. Very soon!

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