Sunday, June 14, 2009

Green Acres

We love to camp in the near-wilderness. Give us a quiet campground in the woods - with full hookups, mind you - and we're happy campers. 

Until we need to use the phone. 

Today was one of those days when it just so happened we needed to make several phone calls.

And, what did that take - out here in the wilderness?

Well, with absolutely no bars here, we had to hop in the Jeep and drive five miles into "town" where we found decent cell reception. 

And, guess what? We did it more than once. 

About the third time in the day we loaded up to make the trip into town to make a call, P summed it up best. 

"It's like we have to climb the telephone pole to make a call." 

That brief and powerful recollection harkened us back to a prime time family sitcom of our youth: Green Acres. Whenever anyone at the Douglas estate just outside Hooterville needed to make a call, they had to hop out the bedroom window, climb a telephone pole, hold on for dear life and make a call. 

That was sitcom life in the late '60s. Today, we experienced that feeling in real life in the 21st Century. 

From here on out, we're thinking our camping might just have to be a little less remote.

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