Monday, May 16, 2011


We have really enjoyed our stay here in Cortez. Our arrival was delayed by a day due to weather, but since then it's been smooth sailing. We traveled along US-550 most of the way to get here and saw plenty of evidence of the previous day's snowfall. Yes! Measurable snowfall on May 1st! We're very glad we waited a day to make the scenic drive to Cortez.

Our home for last two weeks has been Sundance RV Park. It's a simple park in the middle of town. The sites are level, the neighbors are friendly and the wifi is smokin' hot. This is our kind of park!

Most people come to Cortez to see Mesa Verde National Park. Of course, we spent plenty of time in that well-known park. But, we spent even more time in the gorgeous (and huge!) city park across the street from our campground. We were inspired to take daily walks there and enjoy the green grass, sparkling ponds and stunning mountain views.

The Cortez City Park also features an 18-hole disc golf course. We spotted it on our first walk in the park with John and Sandy, and shortly after the four of us were off to Walmart to pickup Frisbees and give it a shot. Here's Paul teeing off on one of the holes.

It had been many years since any of us had flung a Frisbee, but John demonstrated particularly good form.

Sandy displayed her signature kick after each throw. Whatever works!

The object of the game, of course, is to get your disc in the basket, or "hole". Here's Paul taking aim at Hole #8. Did it go in? Of course!

While on the course, we met up with a couple of serious disc golfers, who offered us some helpful tips. These semi-pros had an assortment of discs designed just for the game. Just like "ball golf", there are drivers, putters and a variety of mid-range discs in between. Turns out, one of the players sells the discs at a local shop. And, of course, Paul and I just had to stop by and pick up a couple of discs, which are much smaller and lighter than the Frisbees we were throwing. We put in lots of practice at one of the soccer fields in the park, and finally played our first full round. We're hooked! We look forward to finding and playing on various disc golf courses across the country.

The highlight of our stop here in Cortez has been reconnecting with friends Sandy and John. Before they headed off to Moab last week, we stopped in a neighborhood restaurant that caught our attention.

Over burgers and a couple of beers we celebrated a fun week in Cortez. Although Koko couldn't join us in her friendly namesake pub, she was with us in spirit via her photo ID. Cheers, Koko!

Tomorrow we'll catch up with Sandy, John and Koko in Moab. We'll leave here with fond memories of this nifty little town in the southwest corner of Colorado. We definitely like it here.

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Sue and Doug said...

nice name for a restaurant! fitting!!!..disc golf looks like an interesting game..sort of like golf without the club?..