Tuesday, May 31, 2011


After two weeks in Moab, we're hitting the road. This is where we stayed. We won't be back.

The park has nice views. But, sitting in a canyon, great views are easy to come by in Moab. We'll be back to town. We just won't stay here again.

Why? There are many reasons, actually. Here's one. Sitting in our site in the "fancy" section, we felt like were parked at a truck stop! We had a big ol' Freightliner pulling a giant cargo trailer on one side and a Peterbilt with a similar set up on the other. Beside their big rigs, both neighbors had numerous ATVs, trailers and other toys.

This park bills itself as a luxury resort, but we beg to differ. This is one of two "casitas" on the property. These view-blocking casas grande tower over everything and everybody. How would you like to park next to this?

Of course, we are in Moab. So, we expected to find Jeeps in this park. And, there are many.

They're all decked out for some heavy-duty four-wheeling.

There's another resident Jeep with the requisite extra large cargo trailer parked next door. Bullwinkle and Rocky felt very plain and simple in this place. They weren't surrounded by a bunch of toys.

Speaking of toys, one of our neighbors had a very noisy one. This is the view out our window as a crowd gathered to check out this old hot rod. Periodically, this neighbor would fire this noisy thing up just to attract some attention. He did!

We did manage to get away from our noisy park and do some exploring in Moab. We found a couple of geocaches close by.

The best part of our stay was spending time with friends. John and Sandy and Mike and Susan stayed at the same park. We all got away from the hubbub one evening and enjoyed some tasty local barbeque. From here, John and Sandy are off to Wisconsin, and Mike and Susan are heading to the Pacific Northwest.

Friends Jim and Sandie (and Scooter and Skittlez) stopped by the park for a few days on their way to Montana. It had been over a year since we'd met up with these two. It was great to see them again.

Jim may be a dog person, but our girl kitty warmed up to him right away!

This plaque rides on the back of Jim and Sandie's rolling home. We love it. Like our friends, we're not "dreamers". We're living!

We wish all our friends safe travels. And, we look forward to meeting up with them all again somewhere down the road. We're happy to be back on the road. But, it looks like the Freightliner gods have other plans.

More soon from our detoured destination.


Jim and Sandie said...

Oh no. What happened? You guys really took some great hikes and had great company to do them with. Sure am looking forward to seeing you guys again.

Jim and Sandie said...

Thanks for posting our picture. I'm using it for our new profile picture.

Sue and Doug said...

sorry to hear that your stay at Portal was such a disappointment!...love that casita?..NOT!!!..thought you took a picture of an apartment building!..

Sherry said...

Thanks for the heads up about where not to stay in Moab. Any idea where you would stay if you come back? We're headed in that direction.