Tuesday, May 17, 2011

To Utah

For the longest time, there's been a "hole" in the left side of Bullwinkle's travel map. Bullwinkle had yet to visit one of our very favorite states. But, today was the day to fill in the blank space. We made it to Utah!

As soon as we crossed the state line, the scenery became more interesting. As we got closer to Moab, the red rock formations became more dramatic.

Our short travel day resulted in our arrival in Moab just after noon. We settled in and were treated to a wonderful dinner at Sandy and John's. It's good to see them again, and Koko, too! With two National Parks close by, we're guaranteed to have a couple of fun weeks in this land of outdoor adventures.

Now, if we can just remember how to fill in that map!

1 comment:

Sue and Doug said...

looks like a lovely park!..welcome to Utah!..just read your other post with regards to your situation!..dang it!!..done a little detective work and figured out where you are staying!..you can be sure we will add this place to our list!