Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bodega Bay

We enjoyed another gorgeous day in and around Bodega Bay. This is the town made famous by Alfred Hitchcock's classic "The Birds." And, there are a few movie-related sights to see around here. We enjoyed a lunch of fresh crab at The Tides restaurant, which is the rebuilt version of the restaurant featured in the movie. The original Tides burned down years ago, but the stunning view enjoyed by Rod Taylor and Tippi Hedren remains the same. We cruised by the schoolhouse on the hill where Suzanne Pleshette taught. It's all a little creepy!

We're staying at the Bodega Bay RV Park on Highway 1. It's a fine enough park. But, the best thing about it is it's a five minute drive from the Sonoma County State Beach. We headed that way just before sunset. We used our new gorillapod to snap this picture of the two of us. It's not the best - we both have that "is it working?" look on our faces - but, maybe this will prove to Gordon and Juanita that we both exist!

We are so happy to have Rocky along on this trip. He's towed like a pro and taken us everywhere we needed to go. Doesn't he look happy, too?

Finally, this is one of the best reasons to be in California. Sunsets on the Pacific just can't be beat.

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Gordon & Juanita said...

Hooray!!!! There actually is a "M"!!! Hummmmmmm? I wonder if "P" might have just found someone to pose with him on the beach??

OK, I'll go along with it for now, but I expect my dear wife to verify when she visits the West Coast that "M" is actually the person in the photo. :-)

We have visited Bodega Bay RV many times and know everyone there except for the assistant managers. We envy that you get to enjoy the wonderful crab and we are stuck in jumbo shrimp country. Beam me up, Forrest Gump!!!

Enjoy the rest of your visit...and thanks for bringing "M" to life.

Your cyber travel friends,

Gordon and Juanita