Sunday, January 4, 2009


Returning from a quick - and not at all profitable - trip to the casino late yesterday afternoon, we noticed a definite chill in the air. By dinner, the outside temp dropped below freezing. So, P wisely unhooked and drained our water hose before we hit the hay.

This morning we were up with the sun to see this very frosty scene, with an early morning low of 25 degrees. Brrrr! Thankfully, Bullwinkle's furnace kept us warm and toasty all night. From our cozy home we watched several neighbors (who didn't take precautions last night) emerge from their RVs with pans of hot water, which they promptly poured over their water spigots and hoses. Thankfully, we were spared that chilly inconvenience. Good call, P!

By breakfast, the temp was heading north of freezing and everything began to thaw quickly. We packed up and pointed Bullwinkle toward the Bay. By mid-afternoon we were back at home where there is little chance of frost tonight, or ever.

For our first foray into cold weather camping, we all did OK. We just don't think we'll make it a habit.

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