Friday, January 2, 2009

Jackson Rancheria

Our first outing for 2009 is to Jackson Rancheria, just about 100 miles from home in the rainy and very foggy foothills of the Sierra Nevada. After being home from our holiday air travels to the midwest for a grand total of 15 hours, we packed up the cats and our stuff, loaded it all into Bullwinkle and headed for the hills. Three hours or so later, we arrived.

P drove through some very nasty fog to get here. There's nothing quite like driving an 11-ton vehicle on unfamiliar roads where the visibility is just about exactly the length it would take you to stop the thing. He did great. And, thankfully, the extra soupy part of the trip was relatively short.

The RV Park at Jackson Rancheria is about a mile from the casino. Of course, there's a free shuttle that passes through the campground three times every hour. So, the casino is hard to miss. We'll check it out tomorrow. The park is new and lovely. Lots of room and green space. Even in the rain and fog, the views are nice. The sun is supposed to come out tomorrow, so we'll be able to get a good look.

It's a bit chilly here. (Check out the weather page for details.) But, we've fired up the furnace, had some pizza, salad and chianti. So, it's toasty and cozy in our little rolling home. The cats, we are so pleased to report, are behaving like seasoned veterans. They seem to like this RVing gig!

Our bodies are still on Central time, so it's early to bed for us. Perhaps we'll hit the slots early tomorrow. Who knows?

Happy New Year!

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